GNZ Servers was created by gamers and community managers who decided they wanted to do more than just offer servers for their own group of players, they wanted everyone to be able to access a game server of the same quality as theirs, thus GNZ Servers (Gaming NZ) was born. We started 5 years ago with one or two games to host, mainly as a hobby, tinkering with servers and hosting. We now have in place a service able to supply almost any game that can be set as dedicated. We intend to provide game hosting around NZ and Aust at the best possible price to you.

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Servers running from Auckland and Christchurch, NZ: Australia and soon to be UK through Ultrafast fibre connections; unlimited data therefore no caps, no restrictions.Servers use Xeon Quad cores through to Six core processors, plenty of memory , SSD and High Speed Hybrid Drives. Support is friendly and quick. Live chat during most days, most hours.

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Server Rental Pricing

 GamePublic (Slot / Memory)Private (Slot / Memory)Order
7 Days To Die7 Days To Die$0.90 NZD$0.90 NZDOrder
Battlefield 2 [RANKED]Battlefield 2 [RANKED]$0.90 NZD$0.90 NZDOrder
Chivalry: Medieval WarfareChivalry: Medieval Warfare$0.90 NZD$0.90 NZDOrder
Conan ExilesConan Exiles$1.00 NZD$1.00 NZDOrder
Condition ZeroCondition Zero$0.90 NZD$0.90 NZDOrder
ContagionContagion$0.90 NZD$0.90 NZDOrder
Counter Strike Global Offensive 100 TickCounter Strike Global Offensive 100 Tick$0.90 NZD$0.90 NZDOrder
Day of InfamyDay of Infamy$0.90 NZD$0.90 NZDOrder
Garry's ModGarry's Mod$0.90 NZD$0.90 NZDOrder
InsurgencyInsurgency$1.00 NZD$1.00 NZDOrder
Left 4 Dead 2Left 4 Dead 2$1.00 NZD$1.00 NZDOrder
Natural Selection 2Natural Selection 2$0.90 NZD$0.90 NZDOrder
No More Room in HellNo More Room in Hell$0.90 NZD$0.90 NZDOrder
Nuclear DawnNuclear Dawn$0.90 NZD$0.90 NZDOrder
Reign of KingsReign of Kings$0.90 NZD$0.90 NZDOrder
StarboundStarbound$1.00 NZD$1.00 NZDOrder
Team Fortress 2 (66 Tick)Team Fortress 2 (66 Tick)$0.90 NZD$0.90 NZDOrder
UnturnedUnturned$1.00 NZD$1.00 NZDOrder
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