Sales Consultant

Company Digital Servers Australia
Category Marketing
Location Work From Home
Vacancy Location English
Job Type Online
Wage Commision
Close Date Unspecified
A sales consultant is responsible for finding customers who would like to purchase our services, This may include (but not limited to) driving the social media platforms, marketing the site through forums and contacting communities. A sales consultant must be empathetic, personable, and a good listener. Customer satisfaction is key, which requires thorough communication both before and after the service is purchased. It is important to keep thorough records of all communications, not only with the clients but with other departments, such as marketing and HR, is critical so that sales consultants can tell clients what is available and let the company know about client interests, thus helping to steer the direction of our services. This job opening will be commission based, each purchase can be recurring meaning if the client stays you will keep earning commission on the sale. The base commission is 30% for initial sales and 35% recurring. There is an opportunity for the commission to increase and if you do a consistent job a monthly base pay will be added.
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