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Server Rental Pricing

 Game / ServiceSlot / MemoryOrder
7 Days To Die7 Days To Die$0.60 USDOrder
Age Of ChivalryAge Of Chivalry$0.43 USDOrder
Alien SwarmAlien Swarm$0.43 USDOrder
ARK: Scorched EarthARK: Scorched Earth$0.43 USDOrder
ARK: Survival EvolvedARK: Survival Evolved$0.87 USDOrder
ArmaArma$0.43 USDOrder
ARMA 2ARMA 2$0.85 USDOrder
ARMA 2 COARMA 2 CO$0.85 USDOrder
ARMA 2 OAARMA 2 OA$0.85 USDOrder
ArmA 3ArmA 3$1.00 USDOrder
ARMA 3 EpochARMA 3 Epoch$0.85 USDOrder
Battlefield 1942Battlefield 1942$0.43 USDOrder
BlackwakeBlackwake$0.43 USDOrder
Call of Duty 4Call of Duty 4$0.43 USDOrder
Conan ExilesConan Exiles$0.43 USDOrder
Condition ZeroCondition Zero$0.43 USDOrder
ContagionContagion$0.43 USDOrder
Counter StrikeCounter Strike$0.43 USDOrder
Counter Strike Global Offensive 100 TickCounter Strike Global Offensive 100 Tick$0.43 USDOrder
Counter Strike Global Offensive 128 TickCounter Strike Global Offensive 128 Tick$0.43 USDOrder
Counter Strike Global Offensive 66 TickCounter Strike Global Offensive 66 Tick$0.43 USDOrder
Counter Strike Source 100 TickCounter Strike Source 100 Tick$0.43 USDOrder
Counter Strike Source 66 TickCounter Strike Source 66 Tick$0.43 USDOrder
Dark MessiahDark Messiah$0.43 USDOrder
Day of DefeatDay of Defeat$0.43 USDOrder
Day of Defeat Source 100 TickDay of Defeat Source 100 Tick$0.43 USDOrder
Day of Defeat Source 66 TickDay of Defeat Source 66 Tick$0.43 USDOrder
Day of InfamyDay of Infamy$0.43 USDOrder
DayZ ModDayZ Mod$0.85 USDOrder
Empyrion Galactic SurvivalEmpyrion Galactic Survival$0.43 USDOrder
Farming Simulator 2017Farming Simulator 2017$0.43 USDOrder
Garry's ModGarry's Mod$0.60 USDOrder
Half life 2 Deathmatch 100 TickHalf life 2 Deathmatch 100 Tick$0.43 USDOrder
Half life 2 Deathmatch 66 TickHalf life 2 Deathmatch 66 Tick$0.43 USDOrder
Half Life Death Match Half Life Death Match $0.43 USDOrder
InsurgencyInsurgency$0.43 USDOrder
Killing FloorKilling Floor$0.43 USDOrder
Killing Floor 2Killing Floor 2$1.29 USDOrder
Left 4 DeadLeft 4 Dead$0.43 USDOrder
Left 4 Dead 2Left 4 Dead 2$0.43 USDOrder
Life is Feudal: Your OwnLife is Feudal: Your Own$0.43 USDOrder
Medal of Honor Allied AssaultMedal of Honor Allied Assault$0.43 USDOrder
Medal of Honor BreakthroughMedal of Honor Breakthrough$0.43 USDOrder
Medal of Honor Pacific AssaultMedal of Honor Pacific Assault$0.43 USDOrder
Medal of Honor Spearhead	Medal of Honor Spearhead $0.43 USDOrder
Medal of Honor [RANKED]Medal of Honor [RANKED]$0.43 USDOrder
Medal of Honor: WarfighterMedal of Honor: Warfighter$0.43 USDOrder
Medieval EngineersMedieval Engineers$0.87 USDOrder
MinecraftMinecraft1GB - £5.00Order
Mount and Blade WarbandMount and Blade Warband$0.43 USDOrder
MumbleMumble$0.08 USDOrder
Natural SelectionNatural Selection$0.43 USDOrder
Natural Selection 2Natural Selection 2$0.43 USDOrder
Neverwinter Nights 1Neverwinter Nights 1$0.43 USDOrder
Neverwinter Nights 2Neverwinter Nights 2$0.43 USDOrder
No More Room in HellNo More Room in Hell$0.43 USDOrder
Nuclear DawnNuclear Dawn$0.43 USDOrder
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes Of StalingradRed Orchestra 2: Heroes Of Stalingrad$0.43 USDOrder
Reign of KingsReign of Kings$0.91 USDOrder
Rising StormRising Storm$0.43 USDOrder
RustRust$0.19 USDOrder
Space EngineersSpace Engineers$0.87 USDOrder
StarboundStarbound$0.60 USDOrder
Team Fortress 2 (100 Tick)Team Fortress 2 (100 Tick)$0.43 USDOrder
Team Fortress 2 (66 Tick)Team Fortress 2 (66 Tick)$0.43 USDOrder
Team Fortress ClassicTeam Fortress Classic$0.43 USDOrder
TeamSpeak 3TeamSpeak 3$0.24 USDOrder
TerrariaTerraria$0.60 USDOrder
UnturnedUnturned$0.43 USDOrder
VentriloVentrilo$0.24 USDOrder
Zombie PanicZombie Panic$0.43 USDOrder
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Reviews of Citadel Servers
  • Overall:
  • Server Quality:
  • Pricing:
  • Support:
Guest (1.8 years ago) Best host i have been with, reps to support. I have an ark server with them that works well, they use best cpu i7 7700k! No host can beat that
  • Overall:
  • Server Quality:
  • Pricing:
  • Support:
Guest (2.3 years ago) A joke. I have never dealt with any server hosters like this, to start off even after a month of tech support i still have not had a working server it has something to do with nodes on there side. Still has not even been fixed yet even though i have been. Its hard to resolve any issues with Citadel Servers because it takes them 24 hours just for a single reply in tech support. However there sales team is answers you immediately. I tried once to get support though there sale team after i got fed up with there crappy tech support . They relyed with shouting at me saying how there servers are not broken and work and started to swear at me. Ouch. But when the tech support dose reply... Its a whole new story to tell. To begin with it toke them two 2 days to "claim" that they fixed the server in which they did not. I knew something was really bad with this host because of this issue so i asked nicely for a refund and try and back out of this issue. It was in there guidelines that you can get a refund anytime as long as it is after 3 days of you buying it in witch i was. However good old Citadel Servers takes a whole fucking day to reply and when they do they say that "It was no longer in the 3 days period of getting a refund" Even though i asked them WITHIN the 3 days it just toke them a whole 24 hours to reply. Im not even joking on the 24 hours reply it really dose take a full 24 hours. And when you do get something back its like "Ummm have you tried turning it off and on again?". Anyway After a few days some one decent actually manged to get to my tech support. And saw that i was in the right for a refund and told me he gave me a refund. But i still have not reviced a refund about 20 days later. After that i just gave up. I know that im not gonna get anything out of Citadel Servers so i just gave up. Waste of time and money. I missed out many thing in this review. And after looking at some older reviews i found people where having the same problems with nodes even after 150 days of knowing about having broken nodes they acted like it was a surprise and toke them a few days to fine out. And to tell the truth i think this is just a well made scam. I lost a lot of time and money from this and got nothing in return. I can't give this a Server Quality review because i never got a server in the end.
  • Overall:
  • Server Quality:
  • Pricing:
  • Support:
Guest (2.5 years ago) on the second day of hosting my Gmod server, their TCAdmin went down and they would not give us any information and told us to "Just Wait"
  • Overall:
  • Server Quality:
  • Pricing:
  • Support:
Guest (2.7 years ago) Wow where to start as they are so awful in all aspects Tech Support and Billing. As for tech support it takes 24 hrs to respond, This is acceptable but they will respond usually with some dumb response that doesn't resolve the issue and then when you reply back that the issue is still not resolved they ignore you and close the case after 3 days for no response. They where the person who didn't respond. I had to re-open a ticket twice because they did not respond except for the very first BS reply. I finally got help after opening multiple tickets complaining about the horrible support. In Billing, Sales and Abuse before they resolved the issue. Now for there billing tactics, When I signed up their system insisted I pay in British pounds. And I accepted. Well after the vote on Britain leaving the EU the pound dropped. So they figured the best way to handle a drop in revenue was to wait until my pre-approved payment went through and then immediately suspend my account saying I owed them money. I checked my paypal and I had payed them on time and the exact amount we had agreed on. Well when I inquired what was going on they stated because of the drop in the pound they needed me to pay in US dollars sure it would still work out around the same in Canadian. The issue was I got no notice and was blind sided with this then my server was held in ransom until I payed them more, after I had already payed them in the currency the originally asked for. it took me three weeks to get this resolved. they finally dropped the extra charges for the month as long as I change my billing over to US which I agreed to, but I had payed for a full month and only got less than a week out of it, They refuse to compensate as there attitude was it wasn't there fault the Pound dropped. Well it wasn't my fault either. That is what happens when you pay in international Currency and it was their decision for me to pay in the Pound so as far as I was concern that was risk to take as I am sure if the Pound had gone up they would not of refunded me the difference. So stay away from them.
  • Overall:
  • Server Quality:
  • Pricing:
  • Support:
Guest (2.7 years ago) Server seems fine. Customer support is pure crap. They never answer a single support topic. But hey their sales team answers immediately. Go figure.
  • Overall:
  • Server Quality:
  • Pricing:
  • Support:
Guest (2.8 years ago) Citadel Server are beyond a joke, and borderline a fruad. 5 days past sicne they said a new service would be moved to a new Node so it can be setup correctly. 9 days since the server was ordered. Still waiting for the service to be setup. Refund are only to thier account credit and not back into paypal, there is no saftey in ordering. You're commited to the company once you click pay and that is a massive mistake. Would avoid at all costs.
  • Overall:
  • Server Quality:
  • Pricing:
  • Support:
Guest (3.7 years ago) I bought an ARK server in Texas through CS. I'm a total noob at this stuff, but their guides showed me how to do everything and the live chat was great when I got stuck. I really recommend them!
  • Overall:
  • Server Quality:
  • Pricing:
  • Support:
Guest (3.7 years ago) Ordered a minecraft server, fairly cheap, decent performance and they have one click install mods so was really easy to use
  • Overall:
  • Server Quality:
  • Pricing:
  • Support:
CitadelServers (4.2 years ago) So far i only have great experiences with Citadel Servers. Currently renting a ARK and Reign of kings server hosted in France (I'm european). TCAdmin control panel being responsive as usual , great support and the pricing is delicious!
  • Overall:
  • Server Quality:
  • Pricing:
  • Support:
Guest (4.4 years ago) I need to warn you. CitadelServers is one of the worst providers on the market. Support is only reacting fast if you want to rent . If you got any problems later it takes up to a whole day for a answer. I had a server and it crashed after a week every day . They told me it wont happen again but it did like 3 more times... After this i´ve told them i dont want this server anymore i want a refund because of the crashes.Reaction was they deleted my whole account gave me no refund and never answered me anymore!!!
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