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PIPE Networks (Sydney)

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Server Rental Pricing

 GamePublic (Slot / Memory)Private (Slot / Memory)Order
Age Of ChivalryAge Of Chivalry$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
Americas ArmyAmericas Army$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
Americas Army 3Americas Army 3$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
ARK: Survival EvolvedARK: Survival Evolved$0.99 USD$0.99 USDOrder
ARMA 2ARMA 2$2.21 USD$2.21 USDOrder
ArmA 3ArmA 3$1.49 USD$1.49 USDOrder
Battlefield 1942Battlefield 1942$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
Battlefield 2 [RANKED]Battlefield 2 [RANKED]$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
Battlefield 2 [UNRANKED]Battlefield 2 [UNRANKED]$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
Battlefield 2142 [RANKED]Battlefield 2142 [RANKED]$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
Battlefield 2142 [UNRANKED]Battlefield 2142 [UNRANKED]$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
Battlefield 3 RANKEDBattlefield 3 RANKED$0.89 USD$0.97 USDOrder
Battlefield 4 RankedBattlefield 4 Ranked$1.29 USD$1.29 USDOrder
Call of DutyCall of Duty$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
Call of Duty 2Call of Duty 2$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
Call of Duty 4Call of Duty 4$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
Call of Duty Black Ops [RANKED]Call of Duty Black Ops [RANKED]$0.99 USD$0.99 USDOrder
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3$0.97 USD$0.97 USDOrder
Conan ExilesConan Exiles$0.85 USD$0.85 USDOrder
Condition ZeroCondition Zero$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
Counter Strike Global Offensive 66 TickCounter Strike Global Offensive 66 Tick$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
Crysis 2Crysis 2$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
Crysis WarsCrysis Wars$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
Day of Defeat Source 66 TickDay of Defeat Source 66 Tick$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
DayZ ModDayZ Mod$1.12 USD$1.12 USDOrder
Enemy TerritoryEnemy Territory$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
F.E.A.RF.E.A.R$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
MumbleMumble$0.25 USD$0.25 USDOrder
Natural SelectionNatural Selection$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
Natural Selection 2Natural Selection 2$1.12 USD$1.49 USDOrder
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes Of StalingradRed Orchestra 2: Heroes Of Stalingrad$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
Rising StormRising Storm$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
ShootMania StormShootMania Storm$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
StarboundStarbound$1.25 USD$1.25 USDOrder
Team Fortress 2 (66 Tick)Team Fortress 2 (66 Tick)$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
Team Fortress ClassicTeam Fortress Classic$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
TeamSpeak 3TeamSpeak 3$0.25 USD$0.25 USDOrder
Unreal Tournament 2003Unreal Tournament 2003$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
Unreal Tournament 3Unreal Tournament 3$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
Urban TerrorUrban Terror$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
VentriloVentrilo$0.25 USD$0.25 USDOrder
Wolfenstein MPWolfenstein MP$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
Zombie PanicZombie Panic$0.59 USD$0.74 USDOrder
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Guest (247 days ago) Server hardware died. Down for 2 weeks. Lost all progression. Offered 14 days free after weeks of trying to get a decent response from support tickets.
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Guest (1453 days ago) While a little pricy, they are one of few hosts who offer hosting in Adelaide. I've been with them for about six months now and while there have been issues with things such as plugins being blocked, their support does make up for it and they will disable their restrictions for you as needed.
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Guest (2043 days ago) We've been with gameservers for probably 3-4 years now and sure they have had problems like most game server providers but they are on their A game when it comes to recovering from those problematic times. I recommend game servers to my friends, you should too!
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  • Pricing:
  • Support:
orca (2435 days ago) I signed up with game servers when blackops was released as they were the only server provider, we had a game server in Sydney. when we ordered it my clan had trouble with the rcon program but there support were very good with helping us setting it up.
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