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VILAYER was founded in 2008 then went live in 2009 and since then we have grown to become a world wide innovative hosting provider. We have made huge improvements over the years to our own hosting environement to ensure all clients receive the best possible reliability, performance and support without loosing the scaleability and flexability you expect.

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The VILAYER network provides terabytes of connectivity in our 40+ data centers strategically positioned around the world. Powered with leading global transit carries that equate to 100s points of presence (PoPs) to offer you the utmost in performance, stability and reliability.

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Server Rental Pricing

 Game / ServiceSlot / MemoryOrder
7 Days To Die7 Days To Die$1.37 AUDOrder
Age Of ChivalryAge Of Chivalry$0.89 AUDOrder
Alien SwarmAlien Swarm$0.89 AUDOrder
Americas Army 3Americas Army 3$0.89 AUDOrder
ARK: ExtinctionARK: Extinction$1.29 AUDOrder
ARK: Scorched EarthARK: Scorched Earth$1.29 AUDOrder
ARK: Survival EvolvedARK: Survival Evolved$1.29 AUDOrder
ARMA 2ARMA 2$0.89 AUDOrder
Battlefield 1942Battlefield 1942$0.89 AUDOrder
Battlefield 2 [RANKED]Battlefield 2 [RANKED]$0.89 AUDOrder
Battlefield 2 [UNRANKED]Battlefield 2 [UNRANKED]$0.89 AUDOrder
Battlefield VietnamBattlefield Vietnam$0.89 AUDOrder
BrinkBrink$0.89 AUDOrder
Call of DutyCall of Duty$0.89 AUDOrder
Call of Duty 2Call of Duty 2$0.89 AUDOrder
Call of Duty 4Call of Duty 4$0.89 AUDOrder
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3$0.89 AUDOrder
Call of Duty United OffensiveCall of Duty United Offensive$0.89 AUDOrder
Call of Duty: World at WarCall of Duty: World at War$0.89 AUDOrder
Conan ExilesConan Exiles$1.37 AUDOrder
Condition ZeroCondition Zero$0.89 AUDOrder
ContagionContagion$0.89 AUDOrder
Counter StrikeCounter Strike$0.89 AUDOrder
Counter Strike Source 66 TickCounter Strike Source 66 Tick$0.89 AUDOrder
CrysisCrysis$0.89 AUDOrder
Crysis 2Crysis 2$0.89 AUDOrder
Crysis WarsCrysis Wars$0.89 AUDOrder
Dark and LightDark and Light$1.21 AUDOrder
Dark MessiahDark Messiah$0.89 AUDOrder
Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45$0.89 AUDOrder
Day of DefeatDay of Defeat$0.89 AUDOrder
Day of Defeat Source 66 TickDay of Defeat Source 66 Tick$0.89 AUDOrder
DOOM 3DOOM 3$0.89 AUDOrder
Empyrion Galactic SurvivalEmpyrion Galactic Survival$1.37 AUDOrder
Enemy Territory Quake Wars RankedEnemy Territory Quake Wars Ranked$0.89 AUDOrder
F.E.A.RF.E.A.R$0.89 AUDOrder
Garry's ModGarry's Mod$0.89 AUDOrder
Half life 2 Deathmatch 66 TickHalf life 2 Deathmatch 66 Tick$0.89 AUDOrder
HomefrontHomefront$0.89 AUDOrder
InsurgencyInsurgency$0.89 AUDOrder
Killing FloorKilling Floor$0.89 AUDOrder
Killing Floor 2Killing Floor 2$0.89 AUDOrder
Left 4 DeadLeft 4 Dead$0.89 AUDOrder
Medal of Honor Allied AssaultMedal of Honor Allied Assault$0.89 AUDOrder
Medal of Honor Spearhead	Medal of Honor Spearhead $0.89 AUDOrder
Medieval EngineersMedieval Engineers$1.37 AUDOrder
MumbleMumble$0.32 AUDOrder
Natural SelectionNatural Selection$0.89 AUDOrder
Natural Selection 2Natural Selection 2$0.89 AUDOrder
Neverwinter Nights 1Neverwinter Nights 1$0.89 AUDOrder
No More Room in HellNo More Room in Hell$0.89 AUDOrder
PixArkPixArk$1.21 AUDOrder
Quake 3Quake 3$0.89 AUDOrder
Quake 4Quake 4$0.89 AUDOrder
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes Of StalingradRed Orchestra 2: Heroes Of Stalingrad$0.89 AUDOrder
Reign of KingsReign of Kings$1.37 AUDOrder
rFactorrFactor$0.89 AUDOrder
RustRust$0.40 AUDOrder
San Andreas MultiplayerSan Andreas Multiplayer$0.40 AUDOrder
Serious Sam The Second EncounterSerious Sam The Second Encounter$0.89 AUDOrder
Space EngineersSpace Engineers$1.37 AUDOrder
Star Wars Battlefront 2Star Wars Battlefront 2$0.89 AUDOrder
Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi AcademyStar Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy$0.89 AUDOrder
StarboundStarbound$0.89 AUDOrder
SWAT 4SWAT 4$0.89 AUDOrder
Team Fortress 2 (66 Tick)Team Fortress 2 (66 Tick)$0.89 AUDOrder
Team Fortress ClassicTeam Fortress Classic$0.89 AUDOrder
TerrariaTerraria$0.89 AUDOrder
Unreal Tournament 2003Unreal Tournament 2003$0.89 AUDOrder
Unreal Tournament 2004Unreal Tournament 2004$0.89 AUDOrder
Unreal Tournament 3Unreal Tournament 3$0.89 AUDOrder
UnturnedUnturned$0.81 AUDOrder
WarsowWarsow$0.89 AUDOrder
Wolfenstein MPWolfenstein MP$0.89 AUDOrder
Zombie PanicZombie Panic$0.89 AUDOrder
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