Understanding the BF4 server pricing structure, what’s cheapest now?

With each major mainstream release of games, game server providers like to mix it up a little.

Understanding the BF4 server pricing structure of a provider can be a bit confusing, but we’ll make it a little easier to understand.

We recommend using our search to compare the BF4 prices as it lets you to put the desired location for the server and gives you the correct companies for your search.

Hypernia for example list a special price per slot of $0.65 USD however this is not always true depending on your location. For an AU based server it is $0.75 USD but you need to sign up for 36 months for that price, For a month to month basis you’ll be looking at $1.25 USD per slot plus a $5 USD setup fee. If you order directly from their primary locations it is $1.95 USD.

The following links are direct links to the pricing for Hypernia.

Game Servers offer a simple structure of $1.29 USD per slot regardless of the hosted location. GS have a short promotion at the moment, while placing your order you can receive 10% off your order by simply tweeting on your account.

Fragnet also offer a simple pricing structure too, €0.85 per slot.

We will continue to update this post when more pricing comes available.