Demise of startups? How to be successful

When starting Game Server Host many years ago, I was well aware of the startup game server providers by people who’d thought it was one of those get rich quick schemes but up until recently some of the worlds biggest providers have been taking damage when going up against new younger providers. How to be successful?

Sticking it to the man

Most startups are more aware of the problems when becoming a game server provider, in the past 80% of startups would only last 2-3 months if they were lucky. However these days the failure rate is more around 20%, which is in the scheme of things pretty good compared to other industries such as web hosting.


How to be successful

I believe one of the key things to be successful is to offer a competitive product but unique delivery method. Slapping up a half arse website with WHMCS will not get the job done, these days it takes a lot more effort to get your customers. Startups mostly know this now so they try not to support every single game in the catalog off the bat, they start small (Minecraft+VoIP is becoming popular).

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