Starting your own game server rental business – Part 2

This article is part 2 of our guide to starting your own game server rental business, part 1 can be found here, in this article I will cover more in detail which audiences to target and which services to offer and why.

Quality over quantity

Today’s market has become so competitive it has forced some newcomers to the industry to rethink which services to offer, which in the scheme of things is a good thing to be honest. Back in the day businesses were trying to offer as many services as they could get their hands on, by doing this if they did not have the manpower or the brains to manage it all it would fall in a heap when issues arise. Luckily people have learnt from their mistakes when starting up for the first time.


The perfect example of this is the countless Minecraft game server providers that have popped up over the past 12 months, they’ve realised that it might not be smart to try and offer so many services. Not to mention Minecraft has become one of the most popular rental services and its completely free to rent out unlike titles like the Battlefield series and some Call of Duty titles which require some sort of agreement with the game publisher.

What is your target audience?

Having a cool website and mad servers isn’t going to help you much if you have no customers, and I tell you what you better expect fraud/fake orders, pissed off customers and plain old customers who think they know more than they actually do. This is where the word professionalism comes into play when dealing with those customers, regardless if the customer is wrong or right you need act professional towards them at all times. If you were call them an idiot or along those lines I’d expect to see a review of your service to pop up somewhere on the internet that will hurt you in the long run, the internet is written in ink.

Your customers will come in all ages and genders, and you’ve to understand that they might have poor language skills or are easily provoked into being abusive towards you.