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Wombat Servers acquired by Online Payments Inc

Wombat Servers wrote:

We wanted to let you about the change of ownership of Wombat Servers. Wombat Servers has been acquired by Online Payments Inc, a company that hosts over 30,000 web sites for customers worldwide.

Under the new ownership, the Wombat Servers brand will remain and you will continue to have access to the same support team via live chat and ticket support.

Please read through this email so that you are familiar with how the changes may impact you. Feel free to reach out to us at any time with your questions.

Here’s what isn’t changing:

- Servers, Network, Infrastructure: Your products and their associated features will continue to work as normal, on the same servers that they’re currently on.

- Customer Support: The current Wombat Servers support team will still be working with us in the new company. You will still be able to submit support tickets via e-mail, speak to them on Live Chat or log a support ticket from within your account. We have support from 10am-1am AEDT on Weekdays, and 10am-10pm on weekends.

Here’s what is changing:

- Payments: Any recurring payment subscriptions that you had with PayPal have been cancelled by the former owners. You may have received an email about that earlier tonight. After the change of ownership, we will be accepting payments via Credit Card, PayPal and Apple Pay via Paddle, our payment partner. Your credit card statements will now show “PADDLE.NET* ONPAY.BZ” as the merchant.

- Billing Cycles for Small Payments (Under $5/month): Customers with plans that are less than $2 per month will be moved to 6 monthly billing, and plans that are $2-$5 per month will be moved to quarterly (3 monthly) billing. This is due to the high per transaction fee that we incur when processing payments.

- Change of Domain Registrar: Some domain names that are registered through Wombat Servers will be transferred to our preferred registrar partner when they are renewed. This will be a seamless process and will not impact your service during the transfer.

- Updated Legal Policies: We've replaced all of the legal policies on the Wombat Servers web site to reflect the new legal entity. These updated policies are effective immediately. You can find the updated policies here:

Aussie Summer Promotion Starts Next Week

Keep your eyes on your inbox for another email from us next week, where we launch our exciting summer promotion.

Thank you for your continued support of Wombat Servers.


Kevin Graham,
Wombat Servers


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