was designed and built from the ground up for gamers, whether you're looking for a new game server or looking for a better deal. is now a free globe service, we believe to have the largest GSP index in the world, full price listing from Sydney, Australia to Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This is the best place to look for your new provider.

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  • - A guide to finding your ideal Australian gaming server
  • - A guide to finding your ideal Australian gaming server
Game Server Host for Gamers

The problem that faces teams/clans/organisations today is they tend to think that every provider is the same quality, but this is far from the truth. Some providers have smart marketing to catch you into signing up, even for a month, but don't pass on the benefits they claim to the customers. It's best to check out our reviews or contact another clan and inquire about the provider, or who they use before signing up and possibly losing your money or being disappointed.

The targeted keywords are along the lines of;

  • Low cost (cheap)
  • Fast ping (low latency)
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Claiming to be better than the rest (none are)

Just a warning about 24/7 technical support, any provider can offer this service but not live up to the quick support ticket response. Which brings us to another point concerning support, we've seen a great deal of trouble concerning "rego" or bullet registration. Poor or no bullet registration can be caused by a number of factors such as poor server configurations, the end users internet connection and network congestion.

Game Server Host for Game Providers
A problem that can face providers that if they're successful from first initiation is that they reach full capacity of the resources, such as severe overloading which result in angry gamers. This normally what happens to new inexperienced providers that try the game hosting game. To combat this providers must purchase more services and optimise the resources they have if not done so already, this can be a time consuming task and that needs a platform which can handle the network expansion such as sufficient bandwidth or RAM.
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