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#1 15/05/2015 01:52 AM

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New project : hourly server rental, free first hour


We're starting a new project for game server rental. But unlike other companies, we let user rent server for exactly the time they need it : from one hour to multiple months/years, with no other limit (like slot count) !

To let you test the service, first hour of rental is free (and you can rent a server for only one hour, so you can try the service for free).

For now there are 6 supported games : CoD4 Modern Warfare, CS Source, CS GO, Team Fortress 2, UT2004 and Teeworlds. Servers are all located in Europe but we hope to extend to America and Asia quickly.

The process to rent a server is pretty simple : create an account on , click on "New server", choose your game and in the next 5 minutes your server will be ready with FTP access, RCON, ...

We are interested in any of your feedbacks smile

Thank you for your time.


#2 31/05/2015 08:13 PM

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Re: New project : hourly server rental, free first hour

Nice idea!


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