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Re: Installing mods

Call of Duty 1,2,4,@war

1) Download your mod files from the web, and unzip them.
2) Copy your server.cfg from


3) Edit your server.cfg file with notepad with the details you want, eg server name with mod name etc.
4) Use your ftp client (free download - FileZilla) and connect to your game server with the provided details your GSP gave you.
5) Create a new folder on your game server for the mod files in

mods/*new folder*

6) Upload all of your mod files.
7) Disconnect your ftp client from the game server.
8) Login to your GSP's control panel, find server start line or command line (Some GSP's may call it differently) insert


into the text box.   
9) Enable the custom command line and restart the game server.


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