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Re: Punkbuster Issues

[size=150:nsj06a70]Common punkbuster kick msgs

  • PunkBuster Kick : Inadequate O/S Privileges - Running as admin works also.

  • Corrupted Packet Flow - Check your firewall and make sure it's allowing punkbuster (PnkBstrA.exe/PnkBstrB.exe

  • Disallowed Program/Driver - Check for programs such as Alcohol 120%, Logitech GamePanel (Software relating to macros).

  • Corrupted File/Memory - System RAM can be faulty - memtest86 or you're using a modification of the game exe. If you're using a game hack.. no help for you!

  • Losing Key Packets - Either you're capped (limit of bandwidth by ISP) or your firewall/router is blocking PnkBstrA.exe/PnkBstrB.exe.

95% of punkbuster errors can be fixed by updating punkbuster it self.
Link here

Most of the time when you're kicked from a server due to Punkbuster it doesn't tell you the problem. Firstly you can setup punkbuster to log every error to a log file.

Create or edit your pbcl.cfg with this;

pb_msgprefix "PunkBuster Client"
pb_sleep 500
pb_logtofile 1
pb_sslog 1
pb_sssave 1

This will create a file called "pbcl.log" within the same folder as the config.

Vista/W7 default pb location


Then the game folder BF2/BF2142/COD2 etc

XP  is where the game is installed;
eg BF2

**x**:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\pb

- more soon


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