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ArmA II Mod: DayZ 50slot Hosting requirements and suggestions

I am looking to rent a dedicated server with the below specs for an ArmA II mod. The biggest thing is the bandwidth requirement, which in australia is going to cost me quite abit but all in all, with the DayZ community donations should keep me going + my income. Is anyone able to suggest a server provider and give an example of a service plan etc for the requirements listed below?

* RDP Access
* permissions to install .dll files
* Quad Core CPU @ 3Ghz+ (CPU is the main enforcer in a ArmA server, so the more powerful the better)
* 2GB+ Ram (Ram isn't a big issue in an ArmA server)
* 50GB+ HDD (Preferably SATA3 or SSD) (ArmA 2 CO and the DayZ Mod take up approx. 20GB)
* Bandwidth at least 2TB a month. (3TB - 4TB would be better)


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Re: ArmA II Mod: DayZ 50slot Hosting requirements and suggestions

Good Afternoon,

If you still request a dedicated server please email I can give send you a custom quote.

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