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MSD~33+ modpack's 3 Control Panels $9.95GB 1GB RAM VPS SSD+more ~15off

Minecraft Premum Server Affordable Global Gaming Solutions

We are a US - based Hosting firm that specialize and provide Minecraft hosting global solutions to online gamers. Our company specialize in virtualization and server hosting virtual products. Since September 2012 we been able and very proud to collaborate directly with developers, modders, modpack creators and Minecraft communities. We offer Great DEALS on Minecraft Host Servers, Gaming Servers, Mumble Servers, Free Shared Web Hosting, Paid Shared Hosting, Free Domains, SSD, FTP, SFTP, SSH, FREE MYSQL, 24/7/365 Gamer Support with LOVE!

Some of our current unique features that makes our Minecraft hosting company a leader, authority and a pioneer's!

* Choose between 3 Control Panels "Multicraft, McMyAdmin or Spacebukkit"
* Our Own Minecraft Server Portal "Here you can manage your VPS very easy"
* Pioneers and original creators of One Click ModPack AUTO Installer of 30+ ModPacks
* Company is run by Adults & Professional System Administrators
* Dedicated and Pro-active staff
* Unique coded System = Top performance in all our Servers Guaranteed
* Official Sponsor of NEW WORLD Modpack from FTB & Technic Platform!
* Official Sponsor of DNS Techpack!
* Get Daily Tweets from our Dev Team Updates!

Want to test our servers please go here **Recommended Australian Players/Miners

Order Minecraft VPS with SSD $9.95 1 GB of RAM

*Texas location recommended for Australian Miners!

Fist month Discount Code is 15off

1 click install modpacks

1 click Installation via our unique systems and easy installation of 33+ Modpack's @ anytime 24/7:

  1. Vanilla (No Mods)

  2. Vanilla Snapshot [LATEST]

  3. CraftBukkit Stable Build

  4. CraftBukkit Beta Build

  5. CraftBukkit Developer Build

  6. Hexxit

  7. Tekkit

  8. Tekkit Classic

  9. Tekkit Lite

  10. Voltz

  11. Big Dig

  12. Feed The Beast

  13. Feed The Beast Lite

  14. Feed The Beast Retro SMP

  15. Feed The Beast Ultimate

  16. Tech World

  17. Magic World

  18. MindCrack Pack

  19. Direwolf20 Pack

  20. Ampz

  21. RPG Immersion Pack

  22. YogCraft Pack

  23. Slow's Stream Pack

  24. Spigot

  25. [TECHNIC] Business Lite

  26. [TECHNIC] High Voltage

  27. [TECHNIC] Infamy Modern Warfare

  28. [TECHNIC] Lapito's Galacticraft

  29. [TECHNIC] Magician's Cookbook

  30. [TECHNIC] Medicraft

  31. [TECHNIC] YogCraft Extreme

  32. **Recommended -DNS Tech Pack - We are the official sponsor and distributor of the modpack

  33. **Recommended -New World ModPack We are the official sponsor and distributor of the modpack

Minecraft Powerful family of processors

We have a 24/7/365 Support Ticket system with an average response time of under 4 hours. We also have a live chat box when we are online with server support reps waiting to help you. Our support reps ready for almost every situation.

We have our data-centers that are located in Texas, Missouri, New York & UK. Our main base is in Texas USA is housed in a Tier 4, SAS-70 Type II Certified data center located on the Dallas 911 power grid with multiple tier 1 & 2 fiber carriers providing you excellent pings around the globe and particular to Australia.

All our Gaming Nodes are using Intel Xeon family of E-3's processors for a great and top quality and affordable solution. Our Minecraft servers nodes are equipped with SSD (solid state drive), which uses RAM/flash memory technology for a hard disk and is extremely fast, reliable and unique in the world!




1 Click Modpack Installer: … supported/

© 2012-2013 ////\\\\ "Minecraft" is a trademark of Mojang. We are not associated with Mojang with this statement we are in compliance with brand-guidelines from Mojang.////\\\\ We LOVE them just like you!

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