Terms of Use

Information displayed on this website (or networked sites) should be be correct, up to date or even accurate. We do not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or loss in life as a result from information on this website.

Using this service means you agree to these terms, if you do not agree or do not follow the terms you will have your permissions revoked from the system.


If you apply to the index you choose to agree to the following rules outlined below.


If you wish to become an representative on this website (or networked sites) you must apply by contacting us and present the following information

Real name (first and last)
Age (optional)
Email (from your company, eg John.Smith@google.com)
Company (please link to your profile on here)
Company position (Support/Sales/CEO etc)

Representative Accountability

Each representative account is monitored to ensure they're following the rules.

Representatives are expected to behave professionally at all times, posting negtive, argumentative comments about a following competitor that resides on this website (or networked sites) is considered inappropriate. If you yourself are from Australia you may breach the Trade Practices Act by doing so, so the targeted company may be able to hold you directly accountable for.

No account sharing is allowed, no exceptions!

Not even with staff from the same company. If somebody else wishes to use your account they must follow the application process outlined in the Representative section above.

Personal Accounts

We allow representatives to have their own personal accounts however they must follow the same rules as everybody else.

Our software tools will show a relationship between both representative & personal accounts regardless of IP addresses/ranges.

If you're found posting under your personal account attacking/trolling or in anyway or form another competitor company this is no different from doing it on your representative account and you will have your permissions revoked from the system.


It is acceptable in the advertising forums (not request forums) to post special offers and upcoming deals. The following don't apply to the advertising system (banners). See unacceptable advertising section below.

Unacceptable Advertising (Spam/Viral Marketing)

Basically any post or private message that advertises the services of an individual or business is classed as spam. If It is found be outside the guidelines of the advertising forums the person in question will have their post/thread removed and a warning placed on their account.

If it is found that companies are using “friends” to blatantly disown/spam/abuse in anyway another competitor company it will result in both instigator and aggressor (if found) having their permissions revoked.

If you find this happening or suspect it you can open a support ticket with the website staff and this will allow us to look into the matter privately.

If the offender is found breaking the rules we will place a message on their account/profile outlining the broken rules.

Personal privacy and information

Private messages are for the sender and receiver only, you are not allowed to show those messages in public at any time.

At no given time should you pass on phone numbers, bank account details, passwords or any private information within a private message.

We understand that some providers will have personal information on users on this website (or networked sites) at no given him are you allowed to publish their details linking them else where.

We do our best efforts to keep this website's security up to date however in the case of data loss or any other events that your account information may be vulnerable we cannot be held responsible for actions that play out in the event of it happening.

If the website (or networked sites) are compromised we will create a press release in the announcement forum section.

Affiliate Referrals

This website relies completely on affiliate referral outbound links and donations. When a company applies to the website (or networked sites) before approval we will sign up to the companies affiliate/referral system and replace the links with the affiliate links. If they do not have an affiliate system at the time of signup but do after they've signed up we may signup to the affiliate program and replace the profile URLs.

We may request an affiliate payout (cash) and we expect that it should take no longer than 14 days in doing so, if a company holds onto the payout or wishes to keep it from us, you will be removed from the website and legal action will be taken if necessary.

If the company does not have an affiliate system we will still approve the account/profile, however in good faith we hope that if you receive new customers because of this site (or networked sites) you would place a donation. If you are a provider you will receive the donation award on your profile account.

Donating will support the website's future running and development costs.

Legal threats

We are more than willing to consider and respond if the request is reasoned and polite if the request is within our terms and conditions.

We take no responsibly of the content on this website, including public reviews on services or comments.

Company Profiles / Index Status

GameServerHost or networked websites will not remove profiles or accounts under any circumstances, profiles may be disabled (or banned) but still exist on the website to preserve a public record.


GameServerHost.net owns the copyright to information, images, video media and other forms of content on this website. Please contact us if you wish to enquire about external use.

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